Frederick S. and Grace E. Bliss — InIn 1972, the hospital completed its first major addition of the modern era, the Bliss Wing, which was made possible by a substantial bequest to the hospital thanks to the generous estate planning of Frederick S. and Grace E. Bliss. 

When Frederick Bliss died in 1943, his sister, Grace Bliss, was seventy-eight years old.  Fred’s will created a trust for the benefit of Grace, and when she died in 1966, at the age of approximately 102 years, Hartford Hospital received a share of the trust’s remaining principal.

As an outcome of their plans, the $16 million Bliss Wing provided four floors of patient rooms, a new kitchen and dining area, and additional radiology, outpatient, and surgical facilities.  As construction continues to expand and improve upon this prominent facility today, the Bliss name, and their generous legacy, stands prominently at the center of the hospital’s infrastructure and is central to the performance of its mission. 

Just think how far your gift could go, how much good it could do for so many others, and all for some thoughtful planning today.